Tales of Invasions and Empires

Each book in the trilogy will cover three hundred years starting in 1100 when our four major civilizations—the Christian West, the Muslim Middle East, Hindu India, and Confucian China—first began to meaningfully interact with invasions of lasting consequence after gestating in their own corner of Eurasia for over a thousand years.

This first book seeks to generate an appreciation of the content and character of the four by setting forth memorable scenes, situations, and personalities in its seventeen true, interwoven tales. The stories are supported by twenty-two clarifying charts and another fifteen illuminating maps and images. Here are some of the most fascinating people and fateful events one can imagine.

  • A courageous countess who championed a saint and set Florence on the road to the Renaissance.
  • The humiliation of China and the ferocious peasant who brought back her glory.
  • A stunning royal lady, who married two kings, was the godmother of Western Europe.
  • Two heroic and honorable warriors still venerated in their land to this day.
  • A battle lost by one adored today that sealed the fate of India for 700 years.
  • The ruthless warlord of all the ages who, yet, wrought wonders touching today.
  • An awful king and an august king who set their nations on course for an historic collision.
  • The near annihilation of Islam and the dreamer who saw the future.
  • A heralding, consummate, poet of hell-fire images, but first of love.
  • An elegant empire too much forgotten that was a bridge to today.
  • Brutal cold and fearsome plague that ravaged a century but cleared a path.
  • History’s most merciless conqueror whose image we can hold in our hands today.

All followed by a final chapter emphasizing clear connections between these centuries and today.