About the Author

Nothing, Lucilius, is ours, except time…the loan we can never repay.

Seneca the Younger,

Epistle I to Lucilius

Kent Augustson graduated with honors from the University of California at Santa Barbara and was admitted into the PhD program in history at UCLA. After earning his Masters, he accepted an executive internship position with the federal government for which he was competitively chosen. His thirty years in Washington, DC, featured numerous presentations to the White House OMB and the US Congress.  

To shake off the cobwebs of the bureaucracy and redirect to the life of a scholar, he took numerous post-graduate courses consistent with the interests of his youth. Also, to broaden his scope, traveled worldwide from China’s Great Wall to the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, experiencing the adventures and exposures of a lifetime.

Thereafter, years of research, drafting of assorted papers, and wrangling with publishers while chasing after an idea that was always vaguely there, finally led to the publishing of “Our Axial Age” in 2016.

Augustson resides in Columbia, Maryland, with his wife, Judy, of over forty-five years. They have two grown children, Tanya and Erik, living in the area.