This Bold New World

God does not need to speak for himself in order for us to discover definitive signs of his will; it is enough to examine the normal course of nature and the consistent tendency of events

Alexis de Tocqueville,

Democracy in America

Why was the 20th century the most violent in history?

Why is the 21st century shaping up to be as bad, if not worse?

This series of books by Kent Augustson answers these questions by putting our world in historical perspective.


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Our Axial Age provides an instructive, original concept for interpreting world history. The trilogy following makes our thesis uniquely accessible by presenting it in the context of seventeen interlocking, enticing tales in each book.

The first work, Tales of Invasions and Empires, is now available; Tales of Renaissance and Majesty is to be out later this year or early next; Tales of the Great Awakening will follow thereafter.